Holidays With the Belles 2019

The 5th annual Holidays with the Belles has officially come to an end. With it, the ending of an era. Next year the signing will become Music City with the Belles to be held on May 2nd in Nashville, Tennessee. Though we are sad to see it go, we are forever greatful for all the memories #HWTB has given us…

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All that SWAG 😍

Holidays is a long signing, from 12-6pm. My group was probably one of the first 30 people in the door, and we literally closed it down. I’m fairly certain by the time I made it to Kennedy Ryan it was inching towards 7pm. She however did not seem to mind, and insisted on standing to get a picture with me. Ps: She really does give the best hugs!

(Kennedy Ryan)

I got to meet so many amazing authors that day! Each of them being so incredibly humble and kind. One of the most in demand of course being Colleen Hoover. (Whom I managed to bump into in the bathroom, but dont worry I kept it together.) I had a plan for the day and hitting Coho’s line 1st was my priority! She had brought a limited number of hand painted mugs with her to sell at the signing.(pictured above) I was lucky enough to get 1 not only for myself, but a couple friends as well.

(Colleen Hoover)

I had won an E copy of Hollywood Playboy by Natasha Madison, the week prior to the Belles. Of course I devoured it, and luckily I was able to purchase a paperback from her at the signing!

(Natasha Madison)

If you asked me what my favorite book was, I could never tell you an answer. (πŸ€·β€β™€οΈI’m a Libra afterall) But I can tell you that Loving Mr. Daniel’s by Brittainy C. Cherry is somewhere near the top of that list.

(Brittainy C. Cherry)

At some point in the days leading up to the signing I ran across a blurb for a new Student/Teacher novel “Everything”. <–My weakness in life… I contacted the author Erin Noelle the NIGHT BEFORE the signing and she was kind enough to hold a copy for me!!

(Erin Noelle)

I must say that this is one of my favorite pictures of the entire day, and I ABSOLUTELY ❀ Adrian Hale… Did I mention how awesome her swag is?

(Adrian Hale)

Ofcourse I must mention Alessandra Torre, who by the way was somehow on a plane, on her way back to Florida by 745pm. I admittedly have not read a whole lot by her, but Hollywood Dirt is one of my absolute favorites Movie Star romances.

( Alessandra Torre)

I’m honestly not sure who was more excited to meet who.🀣🀣🀣 Jess is just slightly obsessed with my hair you see! I think we both fan girled equally!

(Jess Bryant)

So funny story… I read a book a few years ago titled “Pushing the limits”, I loved this book so much. When I googled the author I didnt see any other books that she had written.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Well I learned at #HWTB that she now writes under the Pseudonym Kennedy Fox.

(Brooke Cumberland/Kennedy Fox)

Hazel James gave out freaking car plates as swag! Which, I am absolutely in love with BTW, genius idea! Check out my Instagram @passionatelyplotted to see it!

(Hazel James)

Maegan Abel is a new (to me) author, but I did purchase one of her books. A contemporary romance titled “Peace of Infinity” that I am so excited to read! Also, she was holding a giveaway for the most BEAUTIFUL blanket. However, I unfortunately did not win nor did I think to snap a picture of it.

(Maegan Abel)

Staci Hart basically shut #hwtb down! When I left an hour after the end of the signing, she still had 10-12 people in line to meet her! She was also using an instax camera to take small polaroids of her with her fans… Super cute idea!

(Staci Hart)

Amy Daws had a health scare leading up to #hwtb. No one including Amy Daws herself was sure if she would make it to the signing, until the day before. Thankfully, everything worked out and she was able to be there!

(Amy Daws)

Kandi Steiner was also happily still signing books, and posing for photos well after 6pm. Just look at how freaking fabulous her shirt is 😍

(Kandi Steiner)

I was so excited to learn that Nikki Sparxx has two frenchies at home! I absolutely adore Bulldogs, having two myself. We definitely spent a few minutes sharing pictures of our fur babies.🐢

(Nikki Sparxx)

I designed and printed a few posters for my friends and I to have signed (which you can see on my Instagram). M.E.Carter ended up falling so in love with them, that I gave her an extra one that I had.


Umm can I just take a moment to say how freaking gorgeous Ava Harrison is!? She also has a new release out that I was able to purchase, Intention. Another that I can’t wait to start!

(Ava Harrison)

As soon as I walked up to Fiona’s table, I noticed she had a student teacher novel, Voyeur. There’s no way I could pass that up!

(Fiona Cole)

I was so excited to meet Claire, as I absolutely LOVED the Hearts series!

(Claire Contreras)

One of my good friends kept raving about how awesome this new book by Nikki Sloane was. Luckily she still had a few copies of The Doctor left when I made it to her table!

(Nikki Sloane)

I wish that I had had enough time to spend with each author to have a personal story about each. Unfortunately towards the end of the signing , I spent mere moments with each of them. Just enough time for signatures and a selfie, there were even a few whom I didnt get a picture with. That’s okay though, there’s always the next signing! <— Book Bonanza 2019!!!

(Prescott Lane)

(Molly McAdams)

(Shantel Tessier)

(Laura Miller)

(Emma Hart)

(Emma Scott)

(Shayla Black)

(Sarah Dosher)

(Carey Heywood)

(Rebecca Shea)

(Willow Aster)

(E.K Blair)

(Penny Reid)

(Leslie Fear)

(Beth Ehemann)

(Andrea Johnston)

(Jodie Larson)

(J. Daniels)

B.B. Easton

(E.S. Carter)

(Marni Mann)

(Teagan Hunter)

(Kate Stewart)

The poster that I designed, still haven’t had time to get it framed.πŸ˜”

So who has discovered Book Beau’s!? It seems like everyone but me πŸ˜‚! If you’re like me and late to the train you should definitely jump on board. These are the best things to hit the reading world since the kindle! Check it out below, click on the picture to order your very own!

I also had a custom tumbler made that all of the authors signed. I can not wait to share it with you, but unfortunately I wont have it back until next week. So stay tuned to see that and read all of the amazing reviews I have coming your way!

Happy Reading😘



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