Review: Praying for Rain



I’m not sure how long it has been since I opened a book, and closed it only after I read the very last word. I didn’t even realize that hours had passed, I looked up and suddenly it was midnight. I don’t loose track of time, I’m a mom…


You must understand, this was not a book that I was looking forward too. This is NOT my typical read. If this were in a line up, I would have picked it last . Yet here I am absolutely gutted that it’s over.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the Romance genre is “Instalove”. Nothing bores me more, but you know what? B.B. Easton has found way to make it work! I LOVED Rain and Wes… They are both so beautifully broken, that you can help but swoon when they come together. Even though their story is told over a matter of days, the heartbreak and devastation that each have faced, makes their love truly believable.

Praying for Rain is Book 1, in a 3-part series. I only wish I didnt have to wait until the Fall to find out what happens next… If you’re in a book slump, or tired of reading the same old thing, checkout Praying for Rain. It will not disappoint!

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