Review: Eleanor & Grey


Eleanor & Grey is a literary masterpiece, a journey through grief, a story of those who have survived the unimaginable; becoming Motherless Daughters. Through both Eleanor and Karla, Brittainy C. Cherry is able to articulate thoughts and emotions that I have been unable to voice for the last 10 years. There is an entire world full of us, whom due to chance or circumstance were made to stand in solidarity.

The story of Eleanor and Grey is essentially told twice throughout the book, each time with an unbelievable sense of realism. Their journey to love is a battle that neither of them realize they are waging. These two character’s destinies are so clearly entwined, yet “Forever” always seems to be just outside their grasp.

It’s not often that I leave a book feeling completely sated, every question answered, no stone left unturned. Though that is EXACTLY how I am walking away from this, I have yet to find another author with the ability to write such a fulfilling conclusion. Brittainy C. Cherry will forever be one of the few whom I read without question.

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