Review: Ache by S.M. Soto


This was such a rough read, the first 30% of this book is indescribably brutal. On more than one occasion I nearly walked away, something that I rarely allow myself. This book was so far outside the scope of my comfort zone, I urge you to tread carefully if you are easily triggered by abuse.

Ultimately I was able to push through, and by the closing of this story I found myself completely consumed by Bea’s story. Not you’re average heroine, S.M. Soto truly brings Bea to life in explicit detail. From naive inexperienced young girl, to confident survivor… Bea’s journey is an emotionally gripping one, guiding you through romantically pungent highs and sadistically twisted lows.

Though I grew rather fond of Bea, I had a hard time believing in the connection between her and Liam. Realistically that guy you dated in highschool whom you never got passed 2nd base with… Isn’t going to show up professing his undying love for you six years later. Also every.single.time. he referred to her as “sweet” I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Yet, Bea’s story is still so incredibly riveting that I urge you to ignore this flaw.

If you’re looking for a book which deviates from others in its genre, an author who is unafraid to venture into territory that most run from… Then I would highly suggest you check out S.M. Soto’s Ache.


ACHE by S.M. Soto just went live!!

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