Review: Should’ve Been Us


Should’ve been us is an absolutely breathtaking story, that begins as one of unrequited love. This was my introduction to Jess Bryant, and I don’t believe I could have picked a better book for it.

Lulu is a extremely relatable character, possibly one of the most relatable that I’ve read. I can close my eyes and remember a time when my own thought process was very much like hers. I began this book fairly blind, I’m not even sure I read the blurb. So let me tell you how hard my eyes rolled when I thought this was going to be 250 pages of unrequited love….

Boy how wrong was I!!!

As soon as Connor appeared on the pages, the chemistry between he and Lulu was absolutely palpable. Jess takes you through each characters past, and drags you through every single heartbreaking emotion. Having known each other since childhood, both Lulu and Connor have their own misconceptions to work through about the other…. but when they finally get to the other side their love is undeniable!

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