Review: Kiss and Break up By: Ella Fields


This book instantly transfers you back to those tumultuous teenage years, when every decision held life or death consequences. When life was fueled by gossip, and drama unfolded after each blink. Kiss and Break up is a Friends to Lovers romance set between two life long friends coming of age.

Peggy and Dash have Ahh-mazing chemistry (when they’re actually together), he is your typical highschool bad boy who has unknowing always been in love with Peggy Sue. Each born to mothers who were once best friends, these two have been in one another’s life since their diaper days.

I feel that readers should go into this book fully aware that it VERY much falls into the “New Adult” category. There are times I wanted to scream at Dash or Peggy to just c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-e, but then I’d remember that they are suppose to be annoying teenagers incapable of adult processes.

If you’re looking for something to transport you back to your younger years, then you will definitely enjoy this book. At times each of the characters will leave you shaking your head thinking “WTF”… Though during those times I just had to remind myself of all those “Wonderful” choices I too made at 17.

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