Cover Reveal! A Risky Prospect

Title: A Risky Prospect
Series: River Reapers MC #2
Author: Elizabeth Barone
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design:”>Natasha Snow
Release Date: March 18, 2019
Brash social worker

Olivia has been through her own personal hell and come out the other side,

tattered but determined to make things better in her corrupt town—no matter the

cost. Her roommate’s current situation is the perfect place to start.

When ex-con Cliff’s

wild ol’ lady Olivia comes to him and the River Reapers for help, he’s on

board. His vigilante motorcycle club can get the job done, and it’ll help

convince Olivia to take the next step in their relationship.

But when Olivia’s

traumatic past walks through the club’s doors, there’s no stopping her from

doing whatever it takes to settle her own score. Even if it means crossing a

line that Cliff might not be able to pull her back from.

If you like dark romances with vengeance, heat, and a

hero who makes you swoon, you’ll love A Risky Prospect, Book 2 in

the River Reapers MC series.

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must read Book 1, A Disturbing Prospect, before reading A Risky Prospect.

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Cliff steps toward me, his eyes soft. I hold open my arms

awkwardly. He passes the little girl to me. “Got her?” he asks, his

hand brushing mine.

The heat from his skin scorches mine, igniting a fuse that

threads through every one of my limbs. My pinky twitches toward his, wrapping

around his before I have the chance to stop myself. All I want to do is lean

into him, let him hold both Jimmy and me, let myself give in to the current.

But I know that if I do, I’ll sink into him like a stone, falling too deep to

ever come back up for air.

Because when I love, I love with my whole heart, with every

inch of my marrow. And when I do, I forget who I am, lose sight of what’s good

and what isn’t. Love destroyed me, and I only barely put myself back together.

I’m still far too broken.

Cliff deserves better.
His pinky hooks around mine, squeezing for a heartbeat. Then

he releases me, relinquishing Jimmy into my arms. With devastation in his eyes,

he drops his gaze. Then he walks away, leaving me cold.

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Author Bio


Elizabeth Barone writes books starring badass belles who

chose the other path because her life is just as offbeat. Before publishing her

debut novel, she was a chef, web designer, apprentice teacher, and retail

soldier, but writing is her first love. It took a debilitating autoimmune

disease to make her realize it was time to chase her dream.

Elizabeth is the author of over a dozen contemporary romance

and suspense novels. She lives in Connecticut with her real-life book boyfriend

(husband) Mike and their feisty little cat Squirt.


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