Review: The Flyaways by A.R. Hadley


My most favorite books are the ones that take you by complete surprise. Angst is the way to my heart, no one ever found their happily ever after without at least a few tears shed. I went into this book basically blind, knowing little more than the fact that it was a student/teacher novella.

In all honesty I usually avoid novellas, opting instead for thick plotty books. Every novella that I have ever read has left me wanting, wishing that the author hadn’t faded to black so many times, or written just one more chapter.

The Flyaways is the exception…

Every word of this book is beautifully written, reading as though it’s some ancient poem. A.R. Hadley does not shy away, or gloss over the moments in this story that are supposed to be felt, to hurt. Kelley and Holly’s story is not one full of happiness and laughter, he’s her teacher. Her married, older teacher, whom is also a father…

Beginning this book, I wasn’t even sure I was going to like Kelley. He is definitely not your typical lead in a romance novel. He is a tortured, egotistical, mysoginstic asshole…most of the time anyway. But the beauty behind The Flyaways, is that A.R. Hadley puts all of her characters faults right out in the open, and slowly causes you to fall in love with them despite it.

This is not your typical Happily Ever After, the characters don’t ride off into the sunset kissing their problems away. They fight, they cry, and they shred each other to pieces before finally stumbling upon some semblance of peace.

I RARELY find a book where there isnt a single thing I would change, I’m so happy to say that The Flyaways has been added to that list. If you’re looking for a story where love is not always the answer, a story that showcases the struggle of fighting against the pull of soulmates, a story that may break you…. Then I highly recommend you give this one a chance, and don’t forget to let me know what you think below!

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